Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronounce Rykeley & is there any meaning behind the name?
"Rike-lee" - It was the owner's grandfather's middle name, as well as his mother's maiden name.
What are the current enforced restrictions regarding Covid-19?  
We require all guests to wear masks when they are standing and moving through-out the house.  Guests are to be spread out through-out the house to keep a safe 
distance with the option of utilizing outside sitting areas.  An outdoor heater is 
available at the cost of the current propane prices.
Do I need to schedule a tour or can I just stop by?
We kindly request that all tours are by appointment only.  Please call or text 810-625-4482, or email to schedule a tour.
How do I reserve a date?
Complete the rental agreement emailed to you upon request or given to you in-person, as well as provide a deposit either in-person, via phone or via mail.
If I mail my rental agreement and deposit, where do I mail it to?
P.O. Box 161, Linden, MI 48451.  Please note, the venue's physical address cannot accept mail nor does it have a mailbox, so, be sure to use the P.O. Box address.
If I pay for the venue in-full at the time of reservation, do I still have to give a deposit?
Yes, the deposit not only reserves your date, but also covers any possible damages
that may occur at your event and any excessive and out-of-the-ordinary
cleaning that has to be done after your event.
Assuming there are no damages, when will I receive my deposit back?
After the owner inspects the property the day after your event, the deposit can immediately be refunded if it was provided by credit/debit card.  If the deposit was made via check or cash, it will be mailed within 2-3 days after the event.
Do you provide table linens?
I'm sorry, at this time, we do not.  If you choose to rent or buy, please see the table measurements page for details on the number & size of tables.  Dollar General & Hobby Lobby have a large selection of round disposable tablecloths if you choose not to rent linens.
What time will I have access to the venue to decorate?
The time that you entered on the rental agreement in the "entry time for set-up".
What caterers do you recommend?
We do not recommend caterers at this time due to various variables, such as individual preferences, budgets, not being able to ensure excellent 
service, etc.   However, between Fenton & Linden, there are many nearby choices.  We recommend you call your caterer a couple hours before pick-up or delivery to ensure your order is processed on time. 
Can I decorate the house?
Absolutely!   We just ask that you kindly "not" use tape  or comand strips on the walls.  Due to the walls having flat paint, the tape rips the paint off.  Please only use push pins. 
Also, please feel free to share your decorative pictures!  We love seeing the 
creativity of our guests!
Who sets-up and cleans the venue after-use?
The rentee is responsible for setting-up and cleaning after-use.  If the venue's dishes are used, please rinse the dishes very well, then load & run dishwasher before vacating premises.  Please leave remaining rinsed dishes that do not fit in the dishwasher stacked on countertop for further cleaning by owner.  Please see 
"reminders and vacating checklist" given.
Is smoking allowed?
No.  Smoking on the property is highly discouraged.  However, if "outside" smokingcannot be avoided during your event, please make sure the smokers smoke at least 20 feet away from the house and please bring something for them to put their 
remnants in.  Before vacating the premises, please ensure there are not any 
remnants left behind on the property.
  If you have any other questions, please reach out via email, 
  messenger, text or phone!